Special Projects


These are some of the special projects CHC does every year.



The Hope Hospice Tree, November 21, 2009.






CHC – The Light Behind the Hope

Every year Dennis Nollkamper volunteers his time to the Hope Hospice Tree of Lights. The annual lighting of the tree is an event that New Braunfels looks forward to and would not happen without CHC Electric.

CHC Electric spends roughly 2 days creating the massive tree. It stays lit all through the holiday season, serving as a beacon in the night, reminding people of the tributes they have made for loved ones remembered and honored.

This tree belongs to New Braunfels and the people of New Braunfels that have many friends and loved ones to celebrate and remember. 


"The tree is symbolically lit by citizens who want to honor or remember someone special no longer living..."


The tree is symbolically lit by citizens who want to honor or remember someone special no longer living, or to celebrate and honor the life of someone who brings joy and meaning into their lives today. For some, this tree is lit to remember mothers and fathers, husbands or wives who have died, but will never be forgotten.  For some, the Hope Hospice Tree of Lights is lit to honor friends and family who currently are making a difference in lives.  And for some, this tree is lit to celebrate new life as precious sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters are joyously welcomed into their new homes.

CHC Electric was proud to be the trusted electrical team to light the 5000 lamp tree Nov 21st at 6:00pm at the annual tree lighting ceremony.

“We really enjoy creating this tree for Hope Hospice every year,” said Nollkamper. “We understand how important it is to the New Braunfels Community.”

Next time you drive by the Marketplace take a moment to remember your loved ones and the dedication the New Braunfels community has to the tree.






Lighting of Downtown New Braunfels
















Greune Tower Lighting







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